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mostra tematica interdisciplinare
21 febbraio al 1 aprile 2004

Nautilus project

Nautilus is an under sea simulation navigation implemented with the following goals in mind: " obtain a high level realistic world, still making it also available online " use it with new more friendly user-interfaces (offline-use) " reach a high level of immersion During navigation user meets different fishes and can observe them swimming in between. A detailed modeling of the fishes and of the environment makes the navigation very realistic. The off-line platform make available innovative user interfaces for a simpler use for users not confortable with mouse or keyboard (the application in fact is most suited for childrens). We implemented a wooden rudder in order to allow the user to move inside the world as controlling a real submarine. The rudder was implemented simply acting on a modified mouse put in contact with the wooden parts. Simulation output is then directed to a cinematographic wide screen. The combination of a wide output (user distant about 5 metres from the screen), a very intuitive user interface and a very realistic representation gives the user a deep feeling of immersion. We tested the platform for some days in the Acquarium in Milan on more than 100 children with very good answers and having them independently using the application (even for 5 years old children). Here you can try out the online version, where you will have to use a simple mouse or keyboard to navigate the scene. At the moment you must have Cosmo Player in order to navigate the simulation: we are adapting it also for Cortona VRML browser. Nautilus If you are interested in hosting

Nautilus platform contact us
3D modeling: Gianpaolo Fragale
User interfaces: Marzio Ghezzi
Coding and assembly: Ignazio Locatelli


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